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My apologies for the late post. With everything in the world going on this last week (Month? Year?) I got a little distracted. We also had some plans canceled due to weather that turned into a nice surprise visit. So without further Ado we at East73 present “Far-right World”. This comic is loosely tied to Westworld (my father is a big fan of Michael Crichton) and the President doing everything he can to block and dissuade voters in the upcoming election. Enjoy!

p.s. I hope to follow this up with a sequel comic based on recent events during the conventions but I can’t promise anything.

Kid’s Take

This last comic “A Night Out” was written by a buddy of mine. I hope you all enjoy it. We’re also big basketball fans so the previous comic “Golden Tickets” was our way to tap into that here at East73 and kind of express how weird this NBA bubble situation is. I’m sure we will have more to add on that subject as the playoffs progress. Keep hope that the world will figure this out and we will all be able to attend a game or movie or whatever in the near future.

This last comic is based on some of my best buds. They always seem to get into some kind of trouble when they hang out and the rest of us are mused with tale after the fact. This strip is a dramatic re-enactment of the stories we’ve been treated to over the years.

Kanye West is a Presidential canidate? I mean he couldn’t any worse than trump right? This comic is my take on what the Kanye West presidential campaign might look like.

So this section is the new blog where I will offer more context to some of the comics, introduce more of the crews interest, and offer thoughts and ideas.

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