Reading (3-16-2021)

I wouldn’t say I like to read. I have never been a big reader, it was something that I struggled with when I was young. But there are times in my day when I find reading the best way to pass the time. I like sports, documentaries and interviews the best. Then I learn something or get insight into things I may not have know that much about. Reading, at least in my opinion, has become harder to do. With the rise of YouTube and Tik-Tok and podcasts a lot of the writers I used to follow just don’t write as much. I’ve tried the news but it’s very dry and again most outlets use video feeds. That’s why something a great friend of mine does really sticks out. He sends me a book now and again. No letter, no lead in, a book just shows up at my house. Usually one that he’s already read so that when I finish it we can talk about it. Or sometimes one that he just thinks I would enjoy. It’s funny because he is very aware that I am not a reader. I appreciate this and thank him.



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