My beliefs are not your beliefs, but I do believe that you have the right to believe whatever you choose to believe, just be kind and tolerate and the rest should take care of it’s self.


Reading (3-16-2021)

I wouldn’t say I like to read. I have never been a big reader, it was something that I struggled with when I was young. But there are times in my day when I find reading the best way to pass the time. I like sports, documentaries and interviews the best. Then I learn something or get insight into things I may not have know that much about. Reading, at least in my opinion, has become harder to do. With the rise of YouTube and Tik-Tok and podcasts a lot of the writers I used to follow just don’t write as much. I’ve tried the news but it’s very dry and again most outlets use video feeds. That’s why something a great friend of mine does really sticks out. He sends me a book now and again. No letter, no lead in, a book just shows up at my house. Usually one that he’s already read so that when I finish it we can talk about it. Or sometimes one that he just thinks I would enjoy. It’s funny because he is very aware that I am not a reader. I appreciate this and thank him.



Distractions (3-15-2021)

I’ve had distractions lately. Thanks to the global pandemic my wife and I have been able to spend more time together. She usually likes to get out of the house and take trips, but because of the pandemic we are coopted up in the house. So she has taken to playing Zelda. It’s something we do together and as a result we stay up way to late on my days off running around Hyrule. Lately this has been upsetting my sleep cycle and I haven’t been able to get anything done (that’s on me). I’m working on fixing this so I can get back to making more comics.